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Download VMware Workstation 15 Player for Linux

There are many different factors as why would some one install a virtualization software on their computers. One of the most important reason is having the urge to try out different programs that could prove to be useful but at the same time, you are not sure if the program would damage your computer. You might also share the risk of getting your personal information & data being leaked in just because of the software.

Using Virtualization puts those risk away as you will create an entirely new operating system that you are going to use and even if there is a security breach on the operating system your personal information & data are safe and sound on your physical computer. Since the time virtualization is known to PC users, its use has grown to a much larger extent.

One of the best Virtualization software you can install on your PC is VMware Workstation Player 15. Not only it is one of the best virtualization programs, it is also free to use and you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. It also shares a decent amount of features that most users need in a virtual machine. One of the most prominent features that VMware workstation player 15 posses is the compatibility with most operating systems. You can install and use the virtualization software with pretty much any operating system.

it also includes many other features that a user might need such as the support for USB 3.0, DirectX 10.1 & OpenGL 3.3 for 3D Graphics, Support for 4K display devices and many more.

VMware Workstation 15 Player Direct Download links for Linux

You can easily download the latest version of VMware Workstation Player 15 for your Linux by clicking the download button displayed below. All the links provided by WindowsTrainer are legit and high speed to download from.

  • File Name: VMware-Player-15.5.2-15785246.x86_64
  • Published By: VMware INC.
  • Language: Multi-Languages
  • License: Free to use (For Personal Use Only)
  • Date Added: 2020-03-12
  • Build Number: 15785246

VMware Workstation 15 Player Linux Key Features

  • Create large Virtual machines up to 16CPUs, 64GB RAM & 3GB VRAM.
  • Over 200 Guest operating system is supported with VMware Player 15.
  • Host & Guest file sharing is supported to copy files to and from the Virtual machine.
  • 3D Graphics with DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.3 is supported.
  • USB smart card reader and USB 3.0.
  • Multilingual support for keyboards.
  • Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM).
  • Microsoft Virtualization based security.
  • UEFI Boot Support.
  • UEFI Secure Boot support.
  • REST API Control.
  • Run managed or restricted desktop.
  • vCenter Server Appliance Effortless deploy.
  • Command Line operation: vmrun

VMware Workstation 15 Player Host system requirements for Linux

In order to run VMware Workstation on a virtual machine, you will need certain hardware to do so. Listed below are some of the important components you need to run VMware.

  • The systems from 2011 & above will be able to run VMware Workstation 15 Player. Although there are a set of different processors that has to be excluded from the list such as some of Intel’s Atom processors based on Liano and Bobcat architectures. if you want to read thoroughly about which processors are not supported click here to read more.
  • 2GB of RAM is the minimum requirement to install VMware although 4GB is recommended. Suppose if you are running a Windows 7 virtual machine with Windows aero enabled, it is recommended your physical computer has at least 3GB of RAM.
  • To support Windows Aero graphics, An Nvidia Geforce 8800GT equivalent or higher GPU is required.
  • For software installation, you are required to have at least 200MB of free disk space on Linux.

You can also check other information regarding requirements about VMware on their official Website by clicking on the links below.

What are the System requirements for VMware Workstation Player?
What are the System requirements for VMware Workstation Pro?

Final Thoughts:

VMware Workstation 15 Player is definitely one of the best free virtualization software. Although it all depends on the working environment that whether you need the free VMware workstation Player or the more advanced VMware Workstation Pro which would then cost some money. If you are using a virtualization software for non-commercial purposes only and intend to do no business then, we recommend the VMware Workstation 15 Player which is free and also has great feature. On the other hand, both these virtualization programs are stacked with a set of great features that can fullfill a user’s needs.

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