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Install Windows 10 On VMware Step By Step Guide

At first glance, it’s going to seem a bit strange to people who use Windows 10, why should they install two identical operating systems on the same system at the same time? But the solution is that installing Windows 10 on a virtual machine can have different purposes, including installing some services on that we do not want to normally involve our main physical system or don’t use all of them at the time. those that have older Windows and need to find out more and experience the Windows 10 environment then migrate to that might be an honest option. However, if you’re one among those people that want to install Windows 10 on your system virtually, follow this tutorial and stay tuned to WindowsTrainer.

Step 1: Download VMware Workstation

We provide direct download links for VMware Workstation 15 Pro and Player, but you want to know about the difference between these two editions of VMware Workstation 15. you can read the bellow summarized information. but for more details, you can click on the name of each software which will redirect to the article which is a complete informative article for each.

  • VMware Workstation 15 Pro: This is often used mostly by IT experts or businesses that need running more than one operating system on a single Linux or Windows PC. this is the premium package specially designed for heavy and powerful tasks that starts from $199.99 USD and go consistent with your configurations. To not miss, this also provides advanced and 24/7 support that I really like the most. The program is certainly compatible and installable on your computer and works alright.
  • VMware Workstation 15 Player: The free version is specifically for personal, non-commercial organizations that use to manage, co-operate and students use it for education and learning purposes. This great tool is clearly great for running one virtual machine on a Windows or Linux computer.

VMware Workstation 15 Direct Download Links

You are just a click away, use the bellow direct download links for VMware Workstation 15, provided by VMware Workstation official website.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Step 2: Install VMware Workstation

For this article, we take the VMware Workstation 15 Pro as an example, but if you would like to install VMware Workstation 15 Player, the procedure is not any different.

To begin with, the installation of VMware 15 Pro. Make sure that you have downloaded the setup file from the download section.
Next, you’ll be guided to the installation wizard page with a summary of information about VMware 15 Pro. Whether to continue the installation or Cancel to exit the setup wizard.

The installation process is so simple you don’t need to do much, just some clicks. The installation setup wizard will help you with that.

All good, you have successfully installed VMware Workstation 15 Pro, in your windows the next step is to create a new virtual machine to install windows 10 in it.

So lets jump to the next step

Step 3: Create Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Figure 1: Open the software and click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

Figure 2: At this stage, set the value to (Typical (recommended) and click Next.

Figure 3: In the next step, you need to select whether you want to install Windows from a DVD or ISO file, or if you want to install the operating system later. Here we set the value to the second option and select the ISO file from the computer. (Sometimes you may encounter an error that we encountered here and the operating system is unknown. This is because we have used a Multi-Edition Windows 10 ISO file and the software does not recognize it. This is a problem. It does not create in the installation process and we will select the Windows 10 operating system in the next step.

Figure 4: Now in this step, set the Guest operating system on Microsoft Windows and set the version to Windows 10 x64. (Adjust this according to the Windows version you downloaded. If your version is 32-bit, set it to Windows 10.)

Figure 5: In this step, determine the name of the virtual machine and its installation location. If you accept the default value, just click Next.

But we recommend changing the default installation location to any other drive just in case you re-install your physical computer’s operating system and not lose the virtual machine.

Figure 6: Now in this section, determine the amount of hard disk space of the virtual machine and determine its storage type. In this section, we have set the storage space to 60 GB and the type of storage as a multi-file so that there is no problem in transferring the virtual machine to other computers. However, this type of storage may cause problems with very high storage space, in which case the first option should be selected.

Figure 7: Now, in the final stage of making a virtual machine, you will be shown a summary of the default features of a virtual machine. You can change the specifications of the virtual machine by tapping… Customize Hardware in this section. (Virtual Machine specifications can be changed later.)

Figure 8: By clicking… Customize Hardware, the following window will open, where you can set each section to specific specifications as you wish. (Also pay attention to the recommended amounts of the software itself so that your system performance does not slow down).

Where you can change the virtual machine setting increase the RAM and Hard disk size and much more for better performance you can assign more RAM to Virtual Machine after you finish the customization close this window.

Step 4: Install Windows 10 on VMware Virtual Machine

Figure 1: Now turn on the virtual machine by hitting the Power on this Virtual Machine option, the virtual machine will turn on and we will enter the Windows 10 installation stage.

Figure 2: In the first part of the Windows Setup, select the language you want to install and the time format and language of your keyboard. Here we select the English language of the United States and move on to the next step.

Figure 3: Now click on Install now and wait.

Figure 4: In this step, select the version of Windows that you want to install. In this section, we select Windows 10 Pro and move on to the next step.

Figure 5: Check I accept the license terms and click Next.

Figure 6: Click on the second option (Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Figure 7: Now in this section, first click on the partition and then click New from the bottom section and then click Apply.

Figure 8: Now you see that the main Windows installation drive, which we selected for about 60 GB, is created, which we select with the mouse and then click Next and move on to the next step.

Figure 9: Wait for the Windows installation process to complete.

Figure 10: After the installation process, the machine is restarted once and goes through the final installation steps.

Initial configuration of Windows 10

Figure 11: Well, now Windows is installed and we’re redirected to the original Windows 10 configuration page. In the first section, select the area that we set here to the United States.

Figure 12: Select the default keyboard language.

Figure 13: In the next step, if you want to add another language to your keyboard, click Add Layout, and select the desired language. In this section, we select the English language and click Next.

Figure 14: Now enter a name for your virtual computer account and set its password. You can log in with an online account such as Office 365 or Microsoft account.

Figure 15: In this step, you can set Cortana as a pink assistant, which we hit No in this section and go to the next step.

Figure 16: In the final section, some privacy settings will be shown to you, toggle between turning them on and off according to your preference and hit accept to proceed.

Figure 17: Well, the Windows installation process is complete, and now all you have to do is tap Finished Installing from the bottom yellow bar.

Now your Windows 10 is installed on the VMware Workstation Pro virtual machine, and you can use and enjoy Windows 10 every time you turn it on and off through the same software.

Was the installation of Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 15 Pro successful for you?Let us know in the comments below if you faced any problems or have any sort of suggestions to make.

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