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Install Windows XP on VirtualBox Step By Step Guide

If you were looking for a step by step guide on how to install Windows XP on Virtual-Box virtual machine on the internet and wind up with some broken content and even nothing. you are in the right place, in this article we will cover all the necessary steps which will lead you with a good result of having windows XP up and running on VirtualBox Virtual Machine.

Let’s summarize the steps which we do in this tutorial, we will start from downloading VirtualBox up to the installation of VirtualBox inside a windows PC, Next, we will create and configure a virtual Machine for windows XP, finally, we will start the Windows XP installation.

As it’s mentioned on the title of the article here we will talk about the installation of Windows XP on VirtualBox, we will not go through Windows XP or VirtualBox in details if you need to know about Windows XP and VirtualBox we will guide you to a reliable source where you can find every detail about the two software.

So before wasting any further time lets jump to the first step and start preparing the required files for installing Windows XP on VirtualBox.

Step 1: Download and Install Virtual-Box

Virtual Box is a freeware and shareware software you can find this software on millions of websites on the internet, but to be honest, the only best secure way is to download the software from its official website. Here we will provide you a direct download link to VirtualBox from the official website, and also a direct link to the download page on their website. Now it’s up to you from which link to download.

After Downloading VirtualBox you just have to run the setup file to start the installation process, the software setup wizard will guide you through every step. This is not a complicated task it is just as simple as installing any regular software.

After some click on your computer, you will be guided to the next step where the software will ask you to install Oracle Corporation Universal Serial Bus, you just have to click on install.

After you allow the installation of Universal Serial Bus, you will get to the final step where you see the “installation is complete” message.

Just click on FINISH and open the VirtualBox Virtualization software.

Step 2: Open Virtual-Box & Create A New Virtual Machine

When you open the VirtualBox, you will see the Home page of the software, from the Home page simply click on New.

Figure 1: Type your Virtual Machine name and select the location of Virtual Machine where you want it to store, we suggest you store it out of the C: Drive. Next, select the type of your Operating system which in this case is “Microsoft Windows” and Version “Windows XP (32-bit)“, and then click NEXT.

Figure 2: Assign any number for memory size but it depends on the memory of your physical computer if you are having a High Tier computer with a good number of RAM Memory that you can spare, you can assign a bit more memory. But Virtual Box has already recommended the amount of RAM needed for Windows XP, Click NEXT if you are done with memory size.

Figure 3: Create a virtual hard disk for your Virtual Machine, the recommended hard disk size by Virtual Box for Windows XP is 10 GB. If that’s ok with you then Click NEXT.

Figure 4: Select a hard disk file type for Windows XP Virtual Machine, the VDI is recommended for Virtual Machine so we go with the fist option which is recommended, click NEXT.

The few more steps that will come is just a confirmation that you are ok with setting you have provided to Virtual Box. You don’t have to do anything just click next to complete the Virtual machine setup.

Finally, you are done with the setup and will be redirected to the Windows XP Virtual Machine. Here you can edit the Virtual Machine settings or Power on the Windows XP Virtual Machine as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Install Windows XP on VirtualBox

Windows XP installation is simple, if you are familiar with Windows XP you can skip this step, we just prepare this step for newbies who are not technical and never did the installation of Windows XP before.

Figure 1: Click on start on the top Right navigation

When you start the Virtual Machine the Windows Setup Will start automatically. You only need to wait a while, before going to the next step.

Figure 2: Here you have three option to continue the installation on the drive, press ENTER, or if you want to create a new partition press C, or if you want to delete the partition and go with a new partition press D, in this article we will install windows XP on the given partition so we will press ENTER.

Figure 3: before installing any operating system we need to format the drive, so make sure to select the first option which NTFS QUICK, and press ENTER.

The setup will start formatting the drive and copying the files inside the newly created partition. Next, the Virtual Machine will restart immediately, and the final installation wizard will appear.

Figure 4: You will be asked to set the Region and Language, you can select your own and click NEXT.

Figure 5: Personalize your Windows by providing a Name and organization, then click NEXT.

Figure 6: Provide a name for your computer and set an Administrator password to secure your Virtual Machine.

Figure 7: Setup your Windows date and time according to your Region. Or you can set up automatically according to your location when you connect your Virtual Machine to the Internet.

That’s the rest will be done automatically and you don’t need to do anything. Just wait for the installation to complete and enjoy using windows XP on VirtaulBox Virtual Machine

After the Windows XP installation is complete, you will be presented with the most popular wallpaper of all times. This also means that your windows was successfully installed and you can now enjoy using the good old Windows XP.


This was the complete guide to install Windows XP on Virtual Box Step By Step. Although this is a thorough tutorial about the installation of Windows XP on Virtual Box. But, if you still managed to have any type of problems installing Windows XP on Virtual Box please let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you right away.

Point to be noted is that Windows XP is quite an old operating system to be using to this day. It was also discontinued about 12 years ago. Since its quite old we don’t recommend using it and instead appreciate using the newer version like Windows 8 and 10.

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