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Install Windows XP on VMware Step By Step Guide

Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore, and due to security reasons, we don’t recommend installing Windows XP on your physical computer. so the best option to sort out your work with windows XP is installing Windows XP on Virtual Machine.

There are three best platforms for Windows users to install multiple windows in a single PC, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, and Hyper-V (built-in) platform for Windows users.

So in this article, we will guide you on how to install Windows XP on VMware Virtual Machine, you don’t need to be worried about the process of how it can be done, because we have prepared this complete step by step guide with picture illustrations to help you face no problems during installation.

Step 1: Download & Install VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is a virtualization software for windows users and has a free to use VMware Workstation Player, but if you want to go with the Paid version you can use VMware Workstation Pro, which is more advanced than VMware Workstation Player.

But for training and learning purposes, you still can use the VMware workstation Player or even VMware Workstation Pro trial version.

The download link for VMware workstation is available for free on VMware Official website, but if you want to know in detail about VMware Workstation you can visit this link where you can find complete information about the product even the download and the installation process.

After downloading VMware Workstation you just need to open VMware setup wizard to start the installation process. which will lead you to “Welcome to the Vmware Workstation Setup wizard” page.

Install VMware Workstation

Next you have to follow the software installation wizard guide to complete the installation.

VMware workstation Installation completed

Until now you have downloaded and completed the installation of VMware Workstation. Next, we will download the Windows XP ISO file to process the installation of Windows XP on VMware.

Step 2: Download Windows XP ISO File

If you have a downloaded ISO image skip this step. Otherwise, Click on Download Windows XP ISO file to download it by visiting from our site or you can download it from other sites on the internet.

Step 3: Create Virtual Machine

Now its time to create a new virtual machine which works as a real computer, if need to work with more than one operating system at the same time you don’t need to buy a physical computer for every operating system. The virtualization software will help you to manage all your operating systems from a single desk.

Figure 1: Open VMware Workstation

Open VMware Workstation Player or Pro, the one you have installed on your PC, in this article we are using VMware Workstation 15 Pro. From the home page, click on Create New Virtual Machine as shown in the image below.

VMware workstation Home page

You will be guided to the new virtual machine wizard, it’s up to you go with typical configuration which is recommended or custom advanced configuration wizard. we are going to follow the typical configuration wizard.

Create New Virtual Machine

Figure 2: Select Windows XP ISO File

In Guest Operating system Installation Wizard, you will have three options to install from a disc, or install from an ISO image file, or install the operating system later.

The Installer disc image file is recommended, you have to click on browse and select the windows XP ISO image file which you have already downloaded. and click Next.

Select Windows XP ISO

Figure 3: Windows Product Key

On the next page, the configuration wizard will ask you for a Windows XP Product Key, a full name for user name and password to secure your virtual machine.

You can skip the Product key or the password they are optional, just provide a full name and click Next.

Windows XP Product Key

Figure 4: Virtual Machine Name and Location

Type any name you want for your virtual machine it’s recommended to type a name that can help you navigate easily to your virtual machine directory when you have multiple virtual machines. The next thing to do is make sure to store your virtual machine out of C drive. In case you do a fresh installation of Windows on your physical PC, you won’t lose your virtual machines.

Virtual Machine name and location

Figure 5: Specify Disk Capacity

You will be asked to provide a disk size for the virtual machine the recommended VMware disk size for Windows XP is 40 GB but you can use a different size as well. Next, select “Store virtual disk as a single file” to make your Virtual disk file merge into one file on your physical PC.

Specify Virtual Machine Disk size

Figure 6: Ready to Create Virtual Machine

You are finally done with creating and the configuration of the virtual machine for Windows XP. Before clicking on the finish button, read the summary of the virtual machine so that if you need to make any changes, you can click on go back and rectify them, otherwise, click on Finish.

Virtual Machine Setup Summary

If you want to run the virtual machine immediately, mark the power on this virtual machine after creation. But if you don’t, it’s not a big deal you can run the virtual machine at anytime you want.

Power on Virtual Machine

When you click on the newly created virtual machine, you can see all the details for the virtual machine on the left panel if you still want to make any changes on the virtual machine, click on “Edit virtual machine settings” on the 2nd option from the top left as shown in the picture.

Finally, we have completed this step lets jump to the installation of Windows XP on VMware virtual machine.

Step 4: Install Windows XP on VMware

Now we are in the final step to install windows XP on VMware virtual machine if you know the installation process of Windows XP you can skip this step. To be honest this step is for the fresh starters or those who are not technical and don’t know how to do all the tasks during the installation process.

So let’s start the installation process, in case if you’re willing to install Windows XP on Physical computer, please follow this article, How to install windows XP on PC.

Figure 1: Power on the Virtual Machine

After you open VMware Workstation navigate to Windows XP Virtual Machine, click on Power on this virtual machine, To begin the installation Process.

Start Virtual Machine

In some cases, you may face problems after you power on the virtual machine. you will see an error as shown in the image below.

Device Credential Guard Error

Don’t worry we have covered all the steps to get to the final result and get Windows XP in VMware virtual machine.

Read this Article to resolve the error. Or watch the video below which will solve the problem.

Figure 2: Power on the Virtual Machine again

When the error is gone, you don’t need to do a lot of things. Just power on the virtual machine everything will be done automatically. The installation process will start and format the disk for Windows XP and will finalize the installation.

Finalizing installation

Figure 3: Windows XP Product Key

You will not be able to skip the product key page so you must enter the default installation key for Windows XP.

You can copy and past the code given below for the installation to proceed further.

Windows XP Product Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Windows XP Installation Product Key

All you have to do now is wait for the installation process to complete.

Windows XP system properties on VMware

Windows XP is now installed on VMware and you can carry on with what ever purpose you have installed the Operating system for and enjoy.


This was the complete guide to install Windows XP as a virtual machine on VMware workstation pro/player. this guide is a step by step guide for anyone who is willing to install Windows XP as a virtual machine using VMware. We don’t usually recommend using this operating system because it is vulnerable to security threats but we think you must have a solid reason to do so.

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