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After launching Windows 10 and its popular Office 2016 software suite, Microsoft launched Windows Server 2016 in the same year.

Windows Server 2016 has a lot of features compared to previous versions of Windows Server.

Windows Server 2016 is designed to manage computer networks centrally and with an infinite number of systems that provide many possibilities for setting up various services and providing them to users. The operating system is designed to support a small network with a minimum user to the largest network of multinational organizations. Windows Server 2016 has proven its power and popularity among users and owners of companies and commercial servers with its ability to perform the heaviest network tasks and the possibility of strong recovery during service outages. The various features and capabilities of this operating system are very useful and efficient for network administrators in setting up various services, such as DHCP, DNS, VPN, IIS, File Server, as well as network control.

Download Windows Server 2016 ISO File

We provide direct download links to windows server 2016 which is an ISO file format, this ISO evaluation is for the Datacenter and Standard editions. The user who downloads the full ISO file will have a choice to select which edition to install, while installation of windows server 2016. The Datacenter edition is a complete edition and includes the new datacenter specification features Such as (Shield Virtual Machines, Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica, and Software-Defined Networking) in addition to unlimited server virtualization.

  • License: Product Key/Free Trial
  • File Size: 6.5GB
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Microsoft Inc.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Windows Server 2016 Features:

  • Anuserver is the most prominent feature of Windows Server 2016. Nano Server is an improved cloud server for Windows developers that is about twenty times lighter than the Core version and even requires fewer security updates and restart.
  • Support for Containers on Windows Server 2016 is the next feature. Windows Server 2016 naturally supports two types of Containers: Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.
  • Docker support is an open-source engine used to run and manage Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers.
  • Rotational upgrades for Hyper-V and Storage Cluster are some of the improvements to the 2016 version of Windows Server.
  • Windows Server 2016 also has improvements in storage, and one of the most important is the new Storage Spaces Direct feature.
  • Another new feature in Hyper-V Windows Server 2016 is the ability to enable Secure Boot for virtual machines with Linux operating system.
  • The addition of Host Guardian Service and Shielded VMS as a powerful shield for the virtual machine are some of the new features added to this version.
  • Another great feature of Windows Server Hyper-V 2016 is the increase or decrease of virtual memory and virtual network card in the virtual machine without restarting or turning the virtual machine on and off.
  • Nested virtualization has also been added to support the new Container, allowing you to run Hyper-V on a Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • The next new feature is PowerShell Direct, which is best for managing and automating tasks.

Editions of Windows Server 2016

The new Server operating system will be available in the following editions. The Standard and Datacenter Edition can be installed as Server Core without a graphical user interface (Recommended), as a Server with a graphical user interface (Desktop Experience), or as a minimalistic Nano Server.

Windows Server 2016 Essentials

  • Designed for small companies with up to 25 users and 50 devices
  • Cost-effective solution

Windows Server 2016 Standard

  • Designed for virtualized or minimalized environments
  • Contains the Nano server
  • License for up to two operating system environments and Hyper-V Container
  • Can be installed with or without a user interface (Desktop Experience)

Windows Storage Server 2016

  • For OEM storage solutions only, e.g. NAS
  • Workgroup Edition for 1 processor, up to 250 concurrent SMB connections, 32 GByte RAM, 50 users, and 6 storage drives
  • Standard Edition up to 2 processors, no limit for concurrent SMB connections, RAM, user, and storage drives

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

  • For data centers with a focus on virtualization and cloud environments
  • License for unlimited operating system environments and Hyper-V Container
  • Can be installed with or without a user interface (Desktop Experience)

Windows Server 2016 MultiPoint Premium Server

  • For academic usage only
  • Several users can share the same computer

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016

  • Free of charge, for virtualization usage only

Hardware for Windows Server 2016

The minimum requirements for the new operating system are according to Microsoft a 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor including the features NX, DEP, CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, PrefetchW, and Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT). The requirements for the main memory are 512 Mbyte with ECC or similar features for the Nano Server and 2 GByte main memory for the installation as a server with a user interface (Desktop Experience). 32 GByte free storage drive space is the absolute minimum and not designed for all fields of application.

Furthermore, a computer with UEFI 2.3.1.c and Secure Boot is mandatory. The graphic card and display need to support Super VGA with a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The Trusted Platform Module 2.0 is necessary for certain features like BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Nano Server

The Nano Server is a new, lean installation type for Windows Server 2016. It is designed especially for Cloud Environments and application platforms to run programs within a Guest VM or Container. Nano Server has no user interface and is running strictly the necessary services only for the selected server role. This lowers the risk of attacks and increases availability. The positive effect is increased performance. The effort for updates and scheduled restarts are minimized.

You can choose between the Nano Server roles Hyper-V, Storage, DNS Server, and IIS 10.0 Server. Optional features are Container support, Microsoft Windows Defender, Clustering, Desired State Configuration (DSC), and Shielded VM support.

Remote management of the Nano Server is available only over PowerShell, Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins, or the new Cloud-Service Server Management Tools.

Security features For Windows Server 2016

Compared with the predecessor Windows Server 2012 R2 the following new security features are introduced with Windows Server 2016 to protect against attacks.

Shielded Virtual Machines For Windows Server 2016 Datacenter only.
Credential Guard New identity management with privileges to restrict administrative access.
Code Integrity (Device Guard) Protect against unknown vulnerabilities.
Host Guardian Service
Control Flow Guard
Windows Defender Antimalware Protection, user interface optional.
Distributed Firewall For Windows Server 2016 Datacenter only.
Device Health Attestation Service Enables Mobile Device Management (MDM), if the device meets certain guidelines, it is allowed or denied access to the network, services, or applications.
Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) Protected environment for isolation from the running operating system. Used by Code Integrity to protect the kernel code, credential guard, and shielded VMs for virtual TPM implementation.
SMB 3.1.1 Security Improvements Includes Pre-Authentication Integrity Verification and SMB Encryption with AES-128 so no one can manipulate the connection.

Storage space management

Since the previous server operating system Windows Server 2012 R2, the following storage features have been added for the new Windows Server 2016. The Resilient File System (ReFS) is now the preferred file system for data partitions.

Storage Spaces Direct Easy management of virtual storage space with increased failure protection. Has its own Health Service to simplify monitoring. Available only for Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.
Storage Replica Protects data in clusters. For Windows Server 2016 Datacenter only.
Storage Resiliency Protects VMs from temporary storage errors and pauses them until the disk is available again.
Cluster Rolling Upgrade

Virtualization with Hyper-V

Hyper-V as supervisor support guest VMs for different versions of Windows, Linux distributions, and FreeBSD. These include Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. With the Linux Integration Services (LIS) or FreeBSD Integration Services (BIS) the integration, administration, and performance in the virtual environment are considerably increased. The virtualized environments can be fully centralized and configured via PowerShell.

Compared to the virtualization in the previous Windows Server 2012 R2, the following features have been added.

  • Hyper-V Support for Nano Server
  • Windows Containers
  • Virtual Secure Mode (VSM)
  • Virtual Machine Resiliency
  • Production Checkpoints
  • Virtual machine configuration version
  • Windows PowerShell Direct
  • Hyper-V Sockets

Virtualization with Docker

The companies Microsoft and Docker Inc. are business partners to integrate container technology directly in the new Windows Server 2016. Container technology is often used in application development to virtualize applications and easy migration. The strengths lie in the fast provision of secure cloud services and web servers.

  • Windows Server Container
  • Hyper-V Container
  • Docker Engine for Windows
  • Emulated Domain Join
  • Nano Server Developer Experience

Windows Server 2016 was launched officially on 13th October 2016. Microsoft released an evaluation version on the 26. September 2016 on their own website within the download area (14393.0.160715-1616.RS1_RELEASE_SERVER_EVAL_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO).

Windows Server 2016 Installation

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