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Windows XP ISO – Windows XP SP3 ISO Free Download

Windows XP was considered the best operating system when it was officially released. With the minimalistic design and the good looks, it had back in the day. it still has quite a number of fans to this day after 19 years of age. Windows XP was officially released in August of 2001 and almost after 2 decades people still want to use this operating system.

This article is for those people who really want to travel back in time and use the good old operating system, Windows XP. Get the latest version of Microsoft Windows XP SP3 ISO file from our download server at Windows Trainer.

General Overview of the Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP was the successor to all of its predecessors including (Windows 2000). Windows XP was Microsoft’s major release of the year 2001 which clearly made the headlines in a very short time and also changed the complete view of people towards operating systems.

It was first released in two different versions which were Windows XP Home and Windows XP professional edition. As the name suggests, Windows XP Home edition was made for home users and didn’t have advanced features while Windows XP Professional edition was created for Businesses and Professionals.

Despite the release of Windows Vista a bit after Windows XP, it was still the dominating Windows for quite the time until Windows 7 arrived.

Windows XP was a huge improvement over its predecessors if compared to Windows ME and 2000. The new Windows XP featured a set of new updates which made it much superior to the previous operating systems. The biggest change was the interface and easy navigation. Windows XP was given a new look and many changes were given to this new operating system like Desktop, Start menu and even a set of new icons. Windows Explorer now had thumbnails making it much easier when sorting through files on your computer.

There were noticeable improvements regarding performance too. Windows was booting faster than before, Logon and Logoff were made faster and many more. application loading times were made quicker. another update was the Windows Multimedia programs, the updated version of Windows Moviemaker, Windows Media player, and Photo viewer was also added.

Microsoft Windows XP Key Features

  • Remote Desktop: With Windows XP professional, you could easily access another computer without leaving your seat using a Remote desktop connection.
  • Device Driver Rollback: This feature allowed users to reinstall the previous driver version if they managed to have a problem with the newly installed driver or if it had made their system instable.
  • Built-in CD burner: User could now Burn files directly onto CDs without the need to install additional CD burner software.
  • Encrypted File System (EFS): This feature was added for the users who wanted extra security for the files and folders.
  • Device Improvements: Windows XP now supported USB 2.0, Firewire, and scanners based on Windows Image Acquisition.

Download Windows XP SP3 ISO image File

You can directly download Windows XP SP3 ISO file from our website without a hassle. The Windows XP is completely free of charge to download from our High-speed server. You just need to click on the Download Button below and the download will start automatically.

Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional Edition ISO File

Download Windows XP Professional Edition ISO File, which is one of the best editions in windows XP Series. The Windows XP pro iso is with a service pack 3 update.

Key: QW4HD – DQCRG – HM64M – 6GJRK – 8K83T

Developer: Microsoft
License: Free Trial
Language: English
File Size: 623 MB

Windows XP SP3 OS System Requirements:

  • Processor: Any Pentium processor with 300 MHz or faster.
  • RAM: At least 64 MB of ram is needed.
  • Disk Space: 2 GB of storage is enough to install Windows XP.
  • CD/DVD drive: this is not required if you are installing Windows XP from a Bootable USB Drive.

How to install Microsoft Windows XP using the ISO Image file

The installation of Windows XP is really simple and easy. All you have to do is copy the Windows XP iso files into a bootable flash drive and change your computer’s 1st boot device to the Flash drive and save it. Next time you restart your computer, it will directly run the Windows XP installation Wizard for you.

if you want a detailed tutorial on How to install Windows XP on a physical computer. Don’t worry we have you covered, just click on the link given and you will be guided to a step by step tutorial to install Windows XP on your PC.

We also have other articles where we have prepared a full article to install Windows XP on different Virtualization Platforms like VMware workstation, Virtual Box, and Hyper-V. Their links are also provided below. Do check them out if you need guidance.

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